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Residential Land, prime central London’s largest private landlord, has appointed Jonathan Rust as its new Group Finance Director.

Jonathan has a diverse background, including corporate finance, regeneration, residential and commercial property. More recently, Jonathan comes from Redrow Regeneration plc where he was Finance Director for two and a half years. Prior to that he was at GE Real Estate for two years, where following GE’s acquisition, he led Haslemere NV’s finance team during its integration and delisting,

Group CEO, Bruce Ritchie comments: “Jonathan brings fresh ideas from cutting edge sectors within the property industry. His expertise will enable new forward thinking ways for us and our partners to work together to benefit from the complex current market conditions. Jonathan shares our belief in win-win deals and making things work for our partners and other stakeholders. Together we will work to ensure that we all enjoy the benefits of the future growth in the property market.”

Jonathan comments: “It is great to be part of a company that is not only active in this turbulent property market, but is proactively seeking ways to take full advantage of the many opportunities that arise at this stage of the property cycle.   Residential Land is an extremely forward thinking company with an exciting business plan and an excellent track record of delivering what it promises. It’s a company that moves fast and really makes things happen, to the benefit of itself and its many stakeholder partners.”

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