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MIPIM – the real estate extravaganza took place during March in Cannes. It’s probably the biggest gathering of leading industry professionals, investors, advisors and companies, and Residential Land, once again, took part, with CEO, Bruce Ritchie, sitting on a seminar panel and giving a video interview for leading industry publication, Property Week.

You might ask why an event like MIPIM is so important to tenants – both current and prospective. The Central London private rental market is at a crucial juncture. Demand is soaring and as an industry we are looking to increase the supply of decent, well managed rental property. We’re also facing uncertain times ahead of the BREXIT vote, with many experts speculating how an ‘out’ vote might affect the UK’s property market.

 Bruce Ritchie has expertly linked the two milestones together, stating that Residential Land is looking for opportunities in turbulent times. He pointed out that BREXIT is making many property owners and investors nervous, and that Residential Land will look to make wholesale purchases from those wishing to sell Central London property. The byproduct will hopefully be an enlarged portfolio of quality property to rent in Central London from our professional landlord brand. Of course, our teams will make sure every flat or house is up to scratch with an expert management team in place before it reaches the open market.

 MIPIM brings together the world’s top property investors and a large contingency of those are looking to invest in Central London, thanks to our stable economy. MIPIM is a great chance to ‘power network’ – to make valuable connections in a short space of time. Forging new partnerships is vital as lettings moves into the era of institutional investment. Both the Build to Rent programme and the property-led focus of REITs is set to inject millions into the Central London private rental sector, and Residential Land wants to position itself at the heart of investment for the benefit of our tenants. For all the handshakes and signatures on dotted lines, the objective is to always bring more quality rental property to Central London and to make renting more affordable – both will become possible with increased investment.

 It’s fitting that we conclude with a look to the future. The buzzword to come from MIPIM 2016 was ‘professional’. With private lettings set to expand, the general consensus was the industry needs professional investors, professional landlords and professional bodies overseeing the sector for the benefit of all tenants. It’s something Residential Land wholeheartedly supports.

If you’re weighing up buying or renting in prime Central London, contact us to arrange a consultation or a viewing of our extensive portfolio of properties. We’re certain to have something to suit your needs and help you make the right decision.