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At Residential Land, we pride ourselves on having amassed a portfolio of over 1000 centrally located, well appointed properties to meet the needs of our exacting tenants.

Beautiful buildings and flawless interiors are one thing – but that’s only part of Residential Land’s over-arching strategy to discerningly select properties that will allow us to deliver the high-level of personalised service our clients enjoy.

The architect of this strategy is Emma Whitby-Smith, our Head of Investments.

“We deliver something other landlords don’t…”

“We deliver something that other landlords don’t,” says Emma. “We’re very much one-to-one. We operate everything in-house, which allows us to have building managers on-site in each building who become the point of contact for tenants, developing good relationships with the residents in the process, so there is one point of contact for all maintenance issues”. We also allow tenants to re-design their flat which allows them to personalise their space, mixing and matching different styles. We also operate a concierge service for our residents, which provides a high level of convenience for our tenants.

“Our model is to offer a selection of different units between 650 – 1500 + square feet in size, the average being around 750-800 square feet. Whilst we operate in the luxury market we still offer properties that are affordable to all markets, most of our properties will be in the best locations and benefit from park and river views, all within close proximity to a tube station.”

“High standards and handpicked quality…”

It’s this commitment to high standards and handpicked quality that supports our fully in-house service, where each member of staff is fully invested in ensuring our tenants are as comfortable as possible. It’s the same commitment that led to a shift in strategy in order to expand Resi Land’s portfolio while still offering the same level of service.

“A couple of years ago we made a decision to expand our area,” says Emma. “Historically we’ve always bought entire existing blocks of flats – we’re not developers, we’re investors. But it’s now quite hard to find that type of property in zones 1 and 2 to the scale that we need. We look at a minimum of 15 units upwards”

“So rather than go further out – to zones 4,5 and 6 – we decided we would look at expending one postcode out from our original area and consider forward purchase from house builders and developers which took us south of the river, to the new developing zone 1 area of Nine Elms, Blackfriars and Waterloo”.

“A finely tuned balancing act…”

This new strategy has allowed us to look at emerging areas such as Hammersmith where we recently acquired a unique new development of river fronting town houses and apartments on an Edwardian Wharf known as Palace Wharf, close to the popular and iconic River Café, which will be shortly ready for us to offer to tenants.

Residential Land’s investment approach is a finely-tuned balancing act between meeting growing demand for high-quality apartments in prime locations, without compromising on our professionalism and dedication to tenants.

“We have tenants who – as their demands have changed – have moved within our portfolio from building to building or apartment to apartment within a building. That’s because we deliver a high quality of accommodation and service, as opposed to other choices that don’t offer the quality, facilities and service we can and do.”