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Keeping up with interior trends can be exhausting. One minute you’re buying tropical prints, the next it’s all about monochrome. So, to get a sneak peek into future fashions we took a trip to The Ideal Home Show. Here’s what we found:

  1. Rich pigments

Despite grey being a longstanding popular choice, bold colours are taking over for 2018. And we don’t just mean a few bright pillows, we’re talking about sofas, walls, lamps…basically everything in the house is subject to this bold new wave. And for those that aren’t quite sure how to fit orange into their current design, why not mix with some striking emerald green and navy tones.

Living room interior with bright colours

  1. Industrial

When it comes to kitchens, we’re used to marble-shiny surfaces. But this hot new trend screams industrial decor. With matte, deep grey countertops and dark copper appliances the kitchen feels rather retro-futuristic.

Modern industrial-style domestic kitchen

  1. Asian-inspired

Forget about the traditional tiles and tired shower curtains because this season is all about stripped back, floral-styled bathrooms. This particularly Asian-inspired interior includes a burnished iron finish bath from Apollo and an Amazonian wall mural from Wall&Decò.

Modern bathroom with burnished metal bath

  1. Rainforest

Calling all garden gnomes, the time to turn your bedroom into a mini rainforest has arrived. Think garden trellis bed frames and as many indoor plants scattered around your palace as you like. If you’re still loving last year’s tropical takeover then this is the perfect way to keep it going.

Jungle-style bedroom with a garden trellis bed frame

  1. Metallic accents

If the dark kitchen we showed earlier isn’t to your taste then metallic accents are the way forward. Gold-rimmed chairs and cabinets work to add chic glamour to your dining room, while black marble flooring keeps with traditional elegance and style.

Modern dining room with plants.

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