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In 2007 a school was opened in the small villlage of Chiluzi, Dedza in the central region of Malawi. Starting with 750 pupils and 8 teachers, today the school has expanded to 2,500 pupils and 25 teachers.

Early on the sustainability of the project was at risk due to environmental and economic difficulties (drought, crop failure) affecting the project, meaning the foundation needed to obtain formal charitable status. This meant a need for a donor base and an increase in financial resources needed for the project. Charitable status was achieved in August 2015 and the Nora Docherty Charitable Foundation was born.

The school provides a nursery, primary and secondary education. In 2017 the charity also opened a local health clinic for Midwifes and a First aid centre which is available to the whole community. The school curriculum teaches pupils English, Maths, Chichewa (the Language of Malawi), Social and Religious Studies, Primary Sciences and Art and life skills.

The charity’s focus is for the betterment of the community at large and Residential Land are proud to support the Nora Docherty Foundation, recently donating £50,000.