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Lockdown and social distancing have prompted many of us to imagine how wonderful it would be to have our own garden, balcony, or terrace. As Anna White of Homes & Property notes, online searches for homes with gardens or shared outside space have skyrocketed during quarantine.

With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, the dream of having outside space is on the rise. The new normal – a blended life of working from home, staying alert and staying safe, and heading less frequently social venues – is enticing some of us to rethink our choices and look for a dwelling which offers us a more comfortable and enjoyable living space. Equally, some of us are searching for ways to make the most of the outdoor space which we already have. Read on to discover our tips and tricks for fully enjoying your outside space.

The benefits of having your own outdoor space

Whether you are a busy family, professional or a new student in town you can enjoy the many benefits of having your own outside space.Having a beautiful garden or balcony allows you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, whilst staying safe and practising social distancing. It also expands the space of your home and connects you with nature. Imagine stepping out to your private space to relax, read a book, meditate, or simply enjoy a refreshing drink alone or with friends in the summer heat. The privilege is palpable!

How to make full use of your outside space – whether large or small

There are numerous ways you can make the most of your private outside space. As design expert Terri Williams suggests, a great way to start is by making your space multi-functional. For example, a spacious dining table may be perfect for both dining al fresco and working outdoors on your laptop. Equally you can remove clutter and mount a wall mirror to create the feeling of a larger and brighter space.

To create a charming and restorative evening atmosphere, consider adding gentle solar-powered mood lighting and accessorising your space with objects such as fragranced candles, fruit bowls, water features and decorative statues. Finally, if your outdoor space does not have natural greenery, try enhancing it with plants and colourful flowers. You could also try out a biophilic design by covering a full outdoor wall with different plants to create a an eye-catching “green wall”, bringing you closer to nature. If high-maintenance plants sound like too much work or you simply do not have green fingers, artificial plants can make for an easier and more durable option.

A multi-functional private outdoor space

A Residential Land apartment in Garden House featuring a multi-functional private outdoor space perfect for working from home, entertaining, al fresco dining, and relaxing

For somewhat more compact outdoor areas such as inner-city balconies, you will most likely want to make the most of the space at hand. You might like to include a chic coffee table and comfortable chairs paired with wall-mounted lights and small-to-medium-sized potted plants. Keep in mind that regardless of the size of your outdoor space, it will be good idea to have thick, warm rugs at hand for when the winter approaches in London.

a modern balcony with beautiful waterfront views

A Residential Land apartment at Palace Wharf featuring a modern balcony with beautiful waterfront views

If you do not have your own private outdoor space but you do have access to shared outdoor areas, there are still many ways to enjoy being in the outdoors, from private training sessions to picnics with family and friends. For example, private garden squares can provide a tranquil oasis to retreat to in the middle of the city. You can also enjoy the privilege of the delightful greenery without having to worry about doing any gardening or maintenance works yourself.

private residents-only garden square

Residential Land’s Garden House offers a beautiful and private residents-only garden square

Looking for a home with outdoor space?

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